Tim Marshall Curtis CD Release Party in the Back Stage Listening Room

Pyrite Productions presents

Tim Marshall Curtis CD Release Party in the Back Stage Listening Room

Fri, January 4, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Key West Theater

Key West, FL


A new collaborative album has been produced with the lyricist/vocalist Joe Booe and Tim Curtis and is scheduled for release in January 2019. The album is a culmination of Booe & Curtis's songs that they always seem to find time to create together. Curtis has released three music videos from the album this year for the songs ‘Boatyard Blues’, ‘You Cannot Sail if You are in Jail’, and ‘Prison Riot' which are available to view on his youtube channel. The first two videos are autobiographical stories filmed right here in Key West while the latter is a recent single from Captain Pyrite featuring the artwork of John Morgan Curtis and Jet Tessman. Come on out for the release of this speical album at the Key West Theater in the exclusive Back Stage Listening Room!


Tim Marshall Curtis
Its one thing to write good songs and Tim Marshall Curtis certainly does. It’s another thing to be a good performer and Tim Marshall Curtis most certainly is. It’s another thing altogether to do both at the same time and that’s when a musical performance can be great. As an instrumentalist, it's rare to be able to improvise without hesitation and also perform masterfully. Once again, when the two come together is when it can be great and Tim Marshall Curtis indeed does both. While he will never claim to be the best singer, songwriter or guitarist in town he will admit to being original. “I don’t do it like everyone else does. I take great pains to make sure I don’t sound like anyone else. My songs are mostly biographical and it is a very unique set of circumstances that led to us being here.”
Venue Information:
Key West Theater
512 Eaton Street
Key West, FL, 33040