Miracles of the Mind with Brian Imbus
Presented by Key West Theater

Miracles of the Mind with Brian Imbus

Ages 18+
This engaging performance includes amazing demonstrations of clairvoyance, psychological illusion, and real mind reading!

Mind Games is a Las Vegas caliber performance that includes amazing demonstrations of psychological illusion, hypnosis, and real mind reading! Witness incredible feats of the mind as predictions will be made, random thoughts will be read, and one inexplicable finale that will leave the audience speechless!!

Brian Imbus is an internationally recognized Mentalist that has performed for thousands of audiences for over 20 years.

-Has performed at over 3,000 professional engagements

-Has Hypnotized over 100,000 people

-Tours over 200 dates every year, all over the world

-“Event of the Year” winner - APCA

Venue Information:
Key West Theater
512 Eaton Street
Key West, FL, 33040