Huck & Lilly: Music for Kids Afternoon Matinee
Presented by Key West Theater & The Big Stage Productions

Huck & Lilly

All Ages
Huck & Lilly return to Key West Theater for an afternoon matinee on December 1st!

Huck & Lilly's first children's album, There's a Tree Growing in My Room, released in 2015, produced songs such as "The Fiddler Crab (He Don't Play the Fiddle)", "I Sat on a Porcupine" and "Slo-mo Joe". They have two puppet ambassadors, Phil the Fiddler Crab and Slo-Mo Joe, a stuffed turtle. Their catchy songs and sing-a-long lyrics are great for toddlers through age 7, but often hook multiple generations. We are thrilled to welcome Andi & Ken aka Huck & Lilly back to the Key West Theater for a fun and joyful matinee in the Back Stage Listening Room filled with dancing and songs!

Venue Information:
Key West Theater - Back Stage Listening Room
512 Eaton Street
Key West, FL, 33040