2nd Annual Key West Blues Festival
Presented by Espiritu Latino Entertainment

2nd Annual Key West Blues Festival

Ages 21+
Join us for the second annual Key West Blues Festival!

This spring, the Key West Blues Festival returns with Key West's blues performers to offer you an exclusive concert experience in its second year. You can look forward to seeing some of Key West's best blues musicians such as Bill Blue, Caffeine Carl, Ericson Holt, Michelle Dravis, Andy Westcott, Daryl Brooke, Joey Marchiano, Wayne Sorbellie, Francois Gehin, Henry Lysy Jr, Tom Conger, Randy Morrow, Bob Malone, Bobby Devito, R.B. Tolar, Tim Marshall Curtis and Rick Fusco!

The Key West Blues Festival is brought to you by Joel Barrios (World Guitar Festival) and hosted by Bill Hoebee of iHeartRadio's “Hoebee in the Afternoon”.

Venue Information:
Key West Theater
512 Eaton Street
Key West, FL, 33040