A Recipe For Robert Randolph


Robert Randolph & the Family Band play a blend of soul, funk, and R&B jams featuring Robert Randolph on the pedal steel guitar. In order to make sure that you have the absolute best time possible at the Robert Randolph show in February, I have decided to come up with a recipe that guarantees your success (though trust me, it will not be hard at this show!).

1 part “Ready to Party” Attitude

This show is going to be lively, entertaining, and an all around good time. Before coming to the show, I would suggest listening to the song, “Amped Up” off of their new album, Lickety Split. It is sure to lift   your spirits, and put you in a fantastic mood while you’re getting ready for a Saturday night out at the     Key West Theater.


Here is the video to make it easy:

2 parts Dance Practice

Did you know that dance is a VERY important part of the Robert Randolph experience? This will not be a show where you stay in your seat! The band encourages you to get up and get groovin’ with Randolph even getting up to instruct the crowd on specific moves for some songs.

3 parts Admiration

“A pedal steel guitarist who made his name playing gospel, Randolph’s family band is one of the most intense live acts in all of jamdom. His thirteen-string instrument has a chillingly clear tone, and his solos are dotted with howling melodies and perpetually cresting, lightning-fast explorations.”

-Rolling Stone

Robert Randolph has escalated to fame quickly from performing solely (or perhaps soulfully!) at church events, to performing alongside the likes of Eric Clapton, O.A.R., Dave Matthews, and even making it on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists list. Also, during the show, the band will often trade off instruments to allow each other to show off their multi-talented ways! You will be absolutely in awe of this experience by the end of the evening.

4 parts Heart & Soul

Robert Randolph & the Family Band give the performance their absolute all when they play. You can hear it from the rhythms, and feel it from the vibes in the atmosphere. Come to this show with an open mind that is ready to be consistently impressed and infatuated with the band. Oh, and be ready to leave wanting more.

Finally, to leave off, here is a video of one of the most popular (and one of my favorite!) Robert Randolph tunes as performed live on David Letterman, “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” :

See Robert Randolph & the Family Band live at the Key West Theater on February 20, 2016. For tickets and more information, click here: http://www.thekeywesttheater.com/